About Us – AONE Stamping & Lamination

AONE Stamping & Lamination is an electrical stamping and lamination manufacturing brand. With our excellence in manufacturing high-quality electrical stamping and lamination we have successfully extended our client base earning the trust of different clients from different parts of the country.

We manufacture electrical stamping for submersible pumps, electrical motors, elevator motors. Following the industrial rules and standards, we ensure excellent manufacturing standards and quality of the products. With proficiency in manufacturing high standard Electrical Stamping and Lamination, we exceed varied expectations of our customers. We are unmatched in the industry regarding quality and services.

Having a team of highly qualified and tech-savvy professionals, we ensure excellent quality of the products. Our team is driven by the aesthetic values of achieving high results and satisfying the clients and exceed their expectations from us with the best results. We make use of the available resources in the best way.

To maintain the position of our company in the industry, we give extensive efforts in maintaining the quality of the materials and products. Our tech experts have an optimum inventory of high-quality materials and are highly knowledgeable about diverse manufacturing concepts. For stamping and stacking the Electrical Stamping and Lamination. With outstanding quality management system, we guarantee high reliability and on-time delivery and high compliance with customer specifications.

We offer excellent services for high-speed progressive punching, welding, riveting, cleating, auto stack and skewed components; aluminium dies cast rotors and automatic argon welding. With our distinguished services, we aim to achieve support our clients to achieve high profits.